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Anodizing Titanium Medical Devices – Fine Tune Your Colors

When you titanium anodize medical devices such as implants and bone screws, getting the precise color you want is sometimes very difficult. Here is a tip that may help…  Check your DC Power Supply’s Resolution.

 Anodizing Titanium Medical Devices- Using the Right Equipment

SCR – Solid State Anodizing Rectifiers

Many of the SCR (solid state)  DC power supplies (AKA rectifiers) have what is called a “3/4-Turn Pot.”  The dial you turn to increase or decrease the voltage goes from 0 – 100% of the output with just one turn of the dial. Actually it only goes 3/4 of a complete 3600 revolution.  A better solution is to use an SCR Titanium Anodizing rectifier that goes from 0 – 100%  output in multiple revolutions of the voltage dial.  This means that you have to turn the dial more times, but the resolution or fine tuning of the voltage output is more precise.  So if you are using a SCR rectifier, consider a “10-Turn” dial.

Digital Anodizing Rectifiers

In the past few years, switchmode regulated power supplies have made their impact known to the titanium anodizing industry.  Many of the industrial switchmode power supplies have a digital control section, often with programmable outputs.   With a digital control your resolution is usually greatly increased.  Some of these units even let you set the range of resolution in multiple scales.  If you want 80.1 volts, that is just what you get, and you will get it each and every time you turn on the unit. Rectifiers like the ones IPEC uses have digital increments of 1/1000 the DC voltage output of the rectifier, so for a 200v DC unit that we might supply with a titanium anodizing machine – the improved resolution means that from one “step” to the next “step” is an increment of 0.2Vdc).

Anodizing Titanium Medical Devices – Dial In Your Color

Put it another way… the color blue comes in many shades. These shades of blue are directly related to voltage.  The finer your ability to dial in a voltage or fraction of a volt, the more shades of blue you will be able to get and then repeat.  One of our clients reports that he can alter the color hues in 1/10th volt increments.  Now that is real color control!   For more information, check out our article about Choosing a DC Rectifier.

Anodizing Titanium Medical Devices successfully requires precision control and an SCR titanium anodizing rectifier with a Ten-Turn pot or a digital anodizing rectifier can be a big help.

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