Demo Titanium Anodizing Console for Sale

We are offering a special price on this titanium anodizing console system.







This is a high-end system that we built to demonstrate capabilities back in 2012.  The unit was only used a few times and is in excellent condition.   Some of the features it has include:

  • Ultrasonic safety sensor to shut off DC voltage if the operator reaches into the anodizing tank
  • Automatic or manual running rinses
  • Potentiometer for manual voltage (color) control
  • Rectifier remote control with 15 programs and adjustable ramp and hold times
  • 130 volt 50 amp Rectifier
  • Process timers for Cleaner, Etch and Warm Rinse tanks
  • Built-in Air Agitation and Push-Air blower and controls
  • Recirc Pumps for all process tanks
  • Pump-0ut manifold
  • Vent slots for each process tank with plenum and vent collar for 8″ schedule 40 pvc pipe
  • Includes training and a one year warranty

The system is currently set up for 208VAC 3 phase 4-wire power but can be configured for 230/240VAC, 380/400VAC or 480VAC.

Call or email if interested.


(909) 421-9960





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