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Aluminum and Titanium Anodizing Equipment – Can we use one line for both?

Published on By Mark Emilio
aluminum anodizing equipment process stepsAluminum and Titanium Anodizing Equipment

Since we are an anodizing equipment manufacturer for both aluminum and titanium anodizing, we have some potential customers ask us about doing aluminum and titanium anodizing in a single line (changing out chemistries, so not at the same time).  The two processes are different enough that the design does not lend itself ..read more

AMS 2488 Type II Titanium Anodizing

Published on By Mark Emilio
AMS 2488 Type II titanium anodized medical screwsType II Titanium Anodizing

There is a lot of interest regarding Type II Titanium Anodizing (per AMS 2488D) and we get a lot of  repeated questions as a result.

Will the IPEC Console-style titanium anodizing lines work for either color anodizing or Type II?  The short answer to this is yes, but because the process time and DC current ..read more