Like a Closer Look at a Titanium Anodizing Line?

Have a Closer Look at a Titanium Anodizing Line

Though a picture may be worth a thousand words, a video could be even better.   We decided to put together a couple of quick videos to give potential customers a better idea of what our titanium anodizing lines are all about plus how far from rocket science the process is.
  • First of all, lets look at a titanium anodizing line and its components.

One thing we didn’t spend time on in that video is the built-in wastewater treatment reactor.  It is a smaller version of our standard two-stage pH reactor designs that we build for larger plating and anodizing lines.
  • a closer look at a titanium anodizing line
    A look at the different stages of the built-in
    wastewater treatment reactor
Because we are relying on a smaller reactor, we mate the wastewater treatment reactor with a timed-rinse controller that turns on automatically when parts are placed into the cleaner tank, and then shuts off the flowing rinses after a preset time.  The flowing rinses are blended together in the “flash-mixing” area of stage 1 of the reactor to allow the acid, alkaline and bicarbonate to try to neutralize themselves with as little additional reagents as possible.  Also, we installed a pH monitoring cell prior to the final pump-out cell so a digital data logger can monitor and record the pH of the wastewater being discharged (often necessary for regulations when discharging effluent to a drain).
Next, let’s see what color anodizing a group of parts is like.


What about adding an electropolishing process for stainless steel?  We had a customer ask for exactly that.  Take a look here:

Want to see more?  Email us or post a comment if you have something specific you’d like to see a picture or a video of, and we’ll try to add it to this or to future articles.

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