Titanium Anodizing

Multi-Etch—the Safer Way to etch Titanium

by MultiEtch

Times and regulations have changed since we first started etching titanium in 1978.  During our first experiments, while preparing the hydrofluoric/nitric acid solution, orange clouds of vapor had us running out the door to escape.

We began as titanium jewelers when you could still drive to the chemical supplier and pick up dangerous chemicals in your ..read more

Smaller Titanium Anodizing Systems for Small Parts & Lower Production

by Mark Emilio

For customers who need good color repeatability and the ability to switch from one color to another quickly, consider one of our smaller titanium anodizing consoles.  Since they use the same programmable remote control and power supply as the larger consoles we build, the color repeatability and functions of the system are very similar, but ..read more

Used Titanium Anodizing Line for sale

by Mark Emilio

Interested in doing Titanium Anodizing but at a bargain price?  This customer bought an 8 foot single anodizing system from IPEC Global about three years ago but hardly used the system and they are now interested in selling.

Training is available from IPEC Global.

Interested?  Questions?  Please contact:

David Sulski Precision Forms Inc. 97 Decker Road Butler N.J. 07405 (973) 838-3800 DavidS@precisionformsinc.com


What are the Benefits to Bringing Anodizing Titanium In-House?

by Erin Emilio

In-sourcing your titanium anodizing needs saves your company money; helps put lead times in your hands rather than someone else’s; improves the quality of the parts and has a quick ROI. Most of our customers never had any experience with chemical processing systems of any kind and have no trouble quickly learning to use and maintain their ..read more

The Medical Anodizing Process

by Mark Emilio
Medical Anodizing

Medical anodizing apparently means different things to different people, usually based upon what aspect of the medical device industry those people work within.  Most of our customers in the medical device manufacturing industry refer to medical anodizing when discussing what we would call titanium anodizing, whether it be color titanium anodizing or AMS 2488 ..read more

Ti Anodize Equip – ROI? | titanium anodizing equipment

by Ken Emilio
Titanium Anodizing Equipment

The decision of whether or not to purchase titanium anodizing equipment for surgical implants  is a call every manufacturer of titanium devices will need to make at some time – and in most cases the decision will be yes!  Simply put, it is the opinion of this author that Titanium Anodizing offers some of ..read more

Ti Anodize – PayBack Time! | Titanium Anodizing

by Ken Emilio



Do your own Titanium Anodizing!   

Stop wasting money on Outsourcing and take control with your own Titanium Anodizing machine. In this installment we will demonstrate the profits and benefits that can be yours when you install a Ti Anodize system in your company.


The Case for In-House Titanium Anodizing:


“Exhibit A”   Outsourcing Is Only a Temporary Solution.

The cost ..read more

Titanium Anodizing – Surgical Implants

by Staff
Surgical Implants – Titanium Anodizing One of the more recent uses of metal finishing in the past 30 years involves titanium anodizing of surgical implants used in reconstructive surgery of bone and skeletal injuries. The use of titanium for surgical implants has many advantages over other metals. Titanium is a very light yet a very hard ..read more

Titanium Anodizing - Surgical Implants